Anchor Stone Building Block Sets from Germany


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  1. Balancing game Kapatas

    Balancing game Kapatas

    Can you balance all of the stones before they fall? Includes 13 natural Anchor stones plus a dice with colored sides. Roll the dice to determine the color of the stone to add next.... Learn More
  2. Sumala mosaic puzzle blocks

    Sumala mosaic puzzle blocks

    The Sumala set is a puzzle, a block set, or even a game! The various pieces can be assembled into a square with a quilt patch motif or play with the blocks for free-form building. Includes 24 colorful blocks in a flat carton with lid. ... Learn More
  3. Gropius Bauhaus 100th anniversary set

    Gropius Bauhaus centennial set

    The Gropius construction stone set celebrates the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus design which was established in Weimar Germany in 1919 by Walter Gropius. ... Learn More
  4. Brandenburg Gate set

    Brandenburg Gate set

    This set includes 141 stones in the traditional sandstone and green and is packaged in an elaborate, high-quality beechwood box. The booklet includes historical information and also the building diagrams.... Learn More

4 Item(s)