Anchor Stone Building Block Sets from Germany

About euroSource LLC

euroSource was founded March of 1999 in the community of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA. Operated by two stay-at-home dads; before it was cool to be one, it was a natural mix of entrepreneurial spirit, child rearing, teaching, and cooking and experimenting.

In the Beginning

In December of 1998, I wanted to purchase some European toys like I had seen in Europe, but couldn't locate a source in the USA. What I did locate was an importer in New York who would sell me cases of toys from Germany, Italy and Spain. An internet e-commerce venture was born with a single supplier and a hand-tooled website with Microsoft ASP. Public use of the internet was young then, and e-commerce was even younger so the timing was good for new business.

Moving Towards Branded Stores

At the start, euroSource worked with a single importer and used the web site to move toys from them to you. Eventually, there were many suppliers in Europe and a beautiful specialty web store developed. But in August of 2008, the US passed new toy safety regulations that were not harmonized with existing EU safety regulations. This had a significant adverse effect on small to medium sized European brands - their products could no longer enter the US market without a large investment in testing to US standards even though the EU standard was more rigorous.

There was no choice but to eventually liquidate the original company and to start looking for new opportunity. There were only a small handful of medium sized European brands left; not nearly enough to put together a toy store.

Through visits to the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg Germany, we began to identify partners for wider brand distribution within the US and to do so in a way that promotes and protects the brand. Now we're partnering with our European suppliers to open branded stores at euroSource so that it is possible to offer a wider selection of items from a single supplier.

Guiding Principles

We are guided by three simple principles:

  1. Provide European toys that encourage a child's development rather than entertain them.
  2. Provide an excellent customer experience through all interactions, virtual and physical.
  3. Be honest in all our business dealings.

Going Green

In our everyday operations, we try to operate as "greenly" as possible. That means reuse first, recycle second. All of our packing materials come from local businesses with incoming shipments. We keep it from entering the waste stream. We also reuse boxes. Sometimes you may receive your shipment in a box that was used for one of our incoming shipments or used by a local business. Please reuse too!

Meet the Family

euroSource LLC is run by the Hertzler family.

Randall, President

Enjoying the heart of life that includes juggling family, business and church. Add biking, gardening, traveling and staying environmentally 'green'.

Kathryn, Director

Happily being an organizer by day for Franklin & Marshall College and keeping that college fund going. Wish there was more time for those finely prepared meals, but alas convenience sometimes trumps 'finely'.


Always looking at you with those big brown eyes and tail wagging. "Take me outside, throw the ball, woof."