Anchor Stone Building Block Sets from Germany

How to Start Building

How to start building with Anchor Stone building block sets

Like any other blocks, Anchor Stones can be used to build free-form structures or play simple stacking games and exercises. Free-form play is perhaps the best way to get acquainted with the stone blocks and the different block sizes. The blocks are manufactured so that different combinations add up to the same length and the arches and other features always match the dimensions of the base stones.

Every classic Anchor Stone building block set includes directions for one or more structures. But for the best experience, always begin by purchasing a starter set. Directions included in the extension sets (or expansion) require blocks from lower numbered sets. All of the extension sets build on the starter sets progressively as follows:

Starter SetExpansion Set Becomes Set
#4 + 4A = #6
#6 + 6A = #8
  + 8A = #10
  + 10A = #12
  + 12A = #14
  + 14A = #16
  + 16A = #18
  + 18A = #20
  + 20A = #22
  + 22A = #24
  + 24A = #26
  + 26A = #28
  + 28A = #30

For example, to be able to build with set #12, you would purchase starter set #6, and expansion sets 6A, 8A, and 10A. The building instructions included with set 10A assume you have purchased all of the sets in the progression.

There are also additional building plans available and these plans will reference, for instance, set number 14. This means that in order to use the building plan, you must have all of the stones from the progression towards set number 14.

Anchor Stone building block set system chart