Anchor Stone Building Block Sets from Germany

Classic Anchor Blocks

Since 1880, Anchor Stone are a favorite building toy
Anker Steinbaukasten
Stone blocks made in Germany since 1880.
Age Appropriate
3D play for ages 4 to 99, build simple and free-form or accurate architectural models.
All Natural
Made from quartz sand, chalk, linseed oil.

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  1. Haus am Horn Bauhaus centennial set

    Haus am Horn Bauhaus centennial

    The Haus Am Horn stone building block construction set celebrates the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus design which was established in Weimar Germany in 1919. The set contains 86 stone blocks.... Learn More
  2. Brandenburg Gate set

    Brandenburg Gate set


    Out of stock

    This set includes 141 stones in the traditional sandstone and green and is packaged in an elaborate, high-quality beechwood box. The booklet includes historical information and also the building diagrams.... Learn More

2 Item(s)