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Anchor Stone Building Block Sets from Germany

Classic Anchor Blocks

Since 1880, Anchor Stone are a favorite building toy
Anker Steinbaukasten
Stone blocks made in Germany since 1880.
Age Appropriate
Build simple and free-form or accurate architectural models.
All Natural
Made from quartz sand, chalk, linseed oil.

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  1. Extension stone block set #10A

    Extension stone block set #10A

    An extension for set number ten (10A) includes 165 stone blocks in the three standard colors; brick red, natural sand, and slate blue. The Anchor Design booklet contains 10 architectural plans including a castle, church with steeple tower, and a Greek chapel.... Learn More
  2. Special new series arch set

    Special new series arch set

    The new series differs from the classic series in that the arches have recesses where adjoining stones can be placed to create a sturdier construction. The new series arch set contains 146 stones.... Learn More

2 Item(s)