Anchor Stone Building Block Sets from Germany


  • Ankerstein Factory in Rudolstadt - 1912 to 2019

    A postcard from 1912 shows the Anker factory complex as well as the Richter Villa at top right. Anker Steinbaukasten has a long history in Rudolstadt Germany, started there during the 1880s by F. Ad. Richter. The Anker Steinbaukasten business, along with other Richter ventures grew to include a sprawling...
  • Where are Anchor Stones Made?

    Manufacturing of Anchor Stones takes place today in Rudolstadt, Germany, just a short walk from the manufacturing complex of F. Ad. Richter & Co. in the late 1800's. Here, the natural ingredients are mixed, pressed, dried, and packaged into sets for builders all over the world.

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