Anchor Stone Building Block Sets from Germany

Where are Anchor Stones Made?

Rudolstadt factories map The old (top) and new (bottom) Anchor Stone factories in Rudolstadt, Germany.

Manufacturing of Anchor Stones takes place today in Rudolstadt, Germany, just a short walk from the manufacturing complex of F. Ad. Richter & Co. in the late 1800's. Here, the natural ingredients are mixed, pressed, dried, and packaged into sets for builders all over the world.

Here are some photos of the process featuring the skilled craftspeople who ensure each stone and each boxed set is accurate and complete.

Mixing tank A mixing tank for combining the all natural ingredients.
Forming stones with pressure Stones are formed by compressing the mixture under high pressure.
Special process A special process is used for stones like x-men.
Drying racks Drying racks are used in the process to remove moisture.
Finished blocks Finished blocks ready to be assembled into the wooden cartons.

As you can see, when you purchase Anchor Stones, you're receiving an exceptional, unique item that is skillfully produced by hand - in Germany, Europe.