Anchor Stone Building Block Sets from Germany

Building Plans

Additional building plans for your Anchor Stone (Anker Steinbaukasten) collection. Please take note of the minimum set required for each building plan download.

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  1. Set 6 design booklet

    Set 6 design booklet

    Requires: 06 (4A)
    The original design booklet included with classic starter set number 6.... Learn More
  2. Small pyramid monument

    Small pyramid monument

    Requires: 06 (4A)
    Plan with elevation and sectional drawings of a small pyramid shaped monument. The model features single wide and double narrow arches.... Learn More
  3. Multiple plans for sets 6 and 8

    Multiple plans for sets 6 and 8

    Requires: 06 (4A)
    The design pamphlet from the Club of Anker Friends includes elevation and sectional drawings for 21 models using sets 6 and 8 one or more times.... Learn More

3 Item(s)