Anchor Stone Building Block Sets from Germany

Thuringia Exhibition Features Anchor Stones

Thuringia exhibition building Building the Dresden Frauenkirche at the Thuringia exhibition on Industry and Culture.

The exhibition Experience Industrial Culture - Innovative Thuringia since 1800 in Pößneck, Germany runs from June 6th through September 9th. It includes Anchor Stone building sets (Anker Steinbaukasten) that were first developed in Rudolstadt in the 1880s and are the first building toy system in the world.

As part of the program, the famous Dresden church, Frauenkirche, was built from Anchor Stone blocks. Using more than 2000 stones, the master builders Otto Hahn and Thomas Voigt successfully completed the construction with help from exhibition visitors. The Frauenkirche reaches 28 inches (70 cm) in height and was erected on a table in the vestibule of the exhibition,

Dresden Frauenkirche Anchor Stones The finished Dresden Frauenkirche built from Anchor Stones at the Thuringia exhibition on Industry and Culture.

Of course Anchor Stones are still produced today using the same formulas and practices. Very few products experience this longevity! Anchor Stone building sets continue to be an excellent way to experience three dimensional play, build hand-eye coordination, and teach spatial and visualization techniques.